It's a Clean Thing

I was urged by a friend, Micheal Yu Seril, to start a blog dedicated to helping people incorporate good, healthy, whole and clean foods into our busy lives. It started off on Facebook posting many daily pictures of breakfast, lunch and dinner along with some of my food prep methods and new foods I enjoyed which I then passed along to my friends.

So what does it mean to eat healthy, whole and clean anyway? Different people have different interpretations of what is healthy, what is whole and what is clean.
Healthy, whole and clean are all encompassing to me. They each may mean something different but collectively they incorporate well balanced nutrition.  It means staying as close to the foods whole state as possible, food given to us through nature. 
As with any new change it's a slow process of swapping one item for another. For instance, when we switched from white pasta, rice and bread to whole grain pasta, brown rice and whole grain or Ezekiel bread we didn't just make the switch. We transitioned by adding the wheat to white slowly until all we had was wheat.

Our country is plagued by the Standard American Diet (SAD isn’t it)  We eat things from boxes and cans most of which is sodium laden with added fillers and chemicals to preserve it’s canned or boxed existence. It has been taken SO far away from it’s whole, clean and natural state, yet….we call it food.
I just want to get back to the basics, to simple foods that pack a powerful nutritional punch to motor me through my day as food is intended to do. With good planning and some weekly preparation most of what I make can be quickly served up in as much time as it takes to hop in the car and blow through the closest fast food place to get “food” for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simple foods with simple spices that will cost less than the convenience of that frozen bag of noodles with tid bits of chicken and a scarce serving of vegetables.
Come with me down the path of simplicity as we explore eating healthier, whole, cleaner foods.

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  1. I'm so looking forward to all the good info. on here!


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