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You don't need a whole lot of equipment when setting up your own gym. Whether you're setting up a spot in your basement, garage or have equipment stashed in a corner to pull out as needed there are some simple and key pieces that will ensure a beginner or advanced trainer a great workout for years to come!

First things first...Shoes!
YES, shoes are part of the equipment you need when participating in ANY workout! You definitely need a GOOD pair of cross training shoes. Go to your local athletic store and ask to be fitted. You don't need to spend a lot but don't skimp either. We take for granted how important our feet are and the important role they play in our everyday activities.

Look Good=Feel Good!
Go out and get a pair of workout pants/shorts and a cool t-shirt and/or tank top! I'm a girl, I want to feel and look as cute as I can but whether you're a guy or girl make it a point to look and feel YOUR best when you're working out. You don't have to spend a lot to get some cool workout gear. Checkout the big box stores like Target or Walmart to find something that's functional and affordable!

Resistance Bands/Tubing:
Yellow-Very Easy   Green-Easy   Red-Moderate   Blue-Moderately Difficult   Black-Difficult
Use a band that is challenging for YOU. I have all colors and use different ones for different exercises! These are great because you can take them ANYWHERE! Vacation, business trips, to the park with your kids...get a workout in while your kids play. I use these outside of the studio with clients all the time!

TRX-Suspension Training, Body Weight Training System:
TRX is another great tool because, again, you can take it ANYWHERE! It has an attachment so you can use TRX over a door (be safe and read the directions for this over the door attachment properly). TRX is great for beginners through advanced athletes! It's versatility lets you progress in time while offering hundreds of different exercises as you get stronger!

Balance or Stability Balls:
Purchase a ball based on your height. Here's a chart for you to use when determining what size ball to purchase for yourself or someone else.

Under 4′10″ 16″ or 42cm
4′11″ – 5′4″ 21″ or 55cm
5′5″ – 5′11′ 25″ or 65cm
6′ and taller 29″ or 75cm

Dumbbells come in MANY different styles, colors and materials. Prices run the gamete but what's most important is weight and in this case cute isn't a factor...It doesn't really matter what they look like especially if you're looking to save some money. Check out used sporting goods stores and garage sales too!
 The picture below shows an adjustable set of dumbbells. These are
great because they take up a lot less space.
The idea here is the use of an adjustable knob that allows
you to determine what weight you'll be using.
Want 10lbs, 20lbs, 40lbs? Turn the knob and the plates adjust according to the weight chosen.

BOSU Balance and Core Trainer:
This is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in strength training, core strength, stability, balance & cardio! We use BOSU all the time in training a wide variety of clients! 
Step-up Bench:
I really like this adjustable step up bench. Set it low or high for a greater challenge. Another great feature here is adjusting only one side giving an angle to work with. The possibilities are really endless and work very well with just about everyone regardless of fitness level. 
There are several different companies that sell the adjustable step-up.

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