Friday, June 10, 2011

One On One Fitness Trail Club & 5k

The first 5k! Have you experienced that yet? A 3.1 mile run that you never thought you could REALLY ever do?! It's an amazing experience! Through our annual spring and fall Trail Club at One on One Fitness, I trained these first timer's (with the exception of veteran runner, Michelle) and waited with anticipation at the start and finish line for three first time 5k'ers!  It's just as amazing being the observer as it is being the runner! As you'll see from the pictures...these first timers did great and had a blast as they not only ran for themselves but also for the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation!

The crew pre-race! All smiles, nice and DRY! (L to R) Michelle, Kim, Hilary, Jason!
Michelle with Walter Payton's daughter, Brittney and wife, Connie.
Gettin' Ready!
They don't look nervous at all!
At the start line...Jared, Walter Payton's son!
The whole family was so engaging & fun with the participants!
And....they're off!
The first to round the corner to the finish line...Jason! WooHoo...Bring it in!!!
Post race smiles and sweat! Even at 8:00 a.m. it was a HOT and HUMID morning!
Here comes Hilary...still smiling cuz it feels GOOOOOOD!!!!
Kim rounding the corner now! She did AWESOME!!! Way to go KIM!!!
And here comes Michelle ready to sprint it in to the finish line! She kicked it in to high gear as she rounded that corner!
All done...all smiles and all sweaty! They trained well and finished well! I'm so proud!
I had the privilege of running with Jason, Hilary and Kim to the finish line! What an honor it was, as their trainer, to do that! I got all teary eyed with each of them as they rounded that corner!
Here are some other friends that were there but not part of our Trail Club. (L, M, R) Mariana's first 5k, Joanne did the 8k and Mariana's mom, Vicky who did her very first 8k! Great job ladies!!! Mariana and Vicky running in together!
Kim was the first to take advantage of some post race stretching! Stretching feels great and keeps all those muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia working well and maintaining....flexibility of course!'s a good thing ;-)
After some stretching ya gotta rest and refuel in some shade!

I know a 5k can be intimidating...I remember those 1 mile runs in High School! But with the right training and motivation YOU TOO can run in your first 5k and feel GREAT doing it!!!

Remember...Baby Steps! And.....
"To get something you've never had you must do something you've never done!"
"Dead last finish is greater than did not finish which greatly trumps did not start!"

Be happy my friends and MAKE TODAY COUNT!!!

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