Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5k Testimonial From Kim

Kim was a participant in our Spring Trail Club which ended with our annual local 5k Sweetnes run! Below is an email she wrote to the studio about another 5k she ran two weeks later!
Rhonda & Kristi,
Well, I ran the 5K at Prairiefest!  I didn’t pre-register and did everything possible to talk myself out of it.  I decided it was going to rain and get cancelled so I didn’t need to keep trying to find a valid reasons not to go.  It didn’t rain and the starting line is <1mile from my house so my excuses ran out.  When I got there, I gave myself a pep talk and replayed the words of encouragement each of you have given.  Before long, I was off.  I finished 3 minutes under the Sweetness Run time!  I’ve been running a couple times per week since that race.  While I’m still 2 minutes over my last Prairiefest 5K time, I felt good about the whole experience.  I know that before I would have never registered & run in a 5K by myself; no one running with me & no one waiting at the finish line.  I’ve built the confidence thanks to both of you to accomplish something I wouldn’t have done before.  So, many thanks to you both.  Your encouragement has made a difference to me!  Looking forward to the fall!
Many thanks,
How awesome is that? Thanks, Kim, for participating and proving to yourself that YOU CAN DO IT! With baby steps, encouragement and PROPER Training...ANYTHING is possible!!! Looking forward to Fall Trail Club too! 


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