Monday, May 23, 2011

WHY? Do I love my job?

This is going to be short and sweet! ENJOY!

Ten Reasons why I LOVE my job as a Personal Trainer:
  1. I work with other AWESOME personal trainers who make being at "work" fun! I learn from them and I hope they learn from me too!
  2. The PEOPLE! I have wonderful clients!!! They have great stories to share every time I see them! If they're happy, I'm happy! If they're having a bad day I try to make the hour they are with me the best hour of their day! In fact that's the motto when they walk in the door "Welcome to the best hour of your day!"
  3. The DIVERSITY! We have many clients in every age range you can think of. Currently from 18-72, men, women, single, divorced, widowed, college bound, retiring, volunteering, high intensity, low intensity...whatever their level or walk of life, they are at One on One!
  4. VARIETY! We have one on one private, semi-private & group training, sports conditioning, trail club, bike club, Pilates, yoga, hiking, workouts at the name it we can accomodate!
  5. It's REWARDING! To see someone reach their goals to be stronger, more toned, increase endurance, walk faster, run more efficiently, lose weight, feel better, get off medications, gain more flexibility, attain better posture and balance! There are so many who have come so far and continue to push themselves to do more and go beyond what they thought was possible!
  6. Never a dull moment! Personal training really keeps me on my toes! From planning new programs, to adjusting programs for clients needs that day, taking on new clients, guiding clients through the myriad of information out there, encouraging, motivating, listening and helping in any way I job is RARELY boring!
  7. I get to dress fun :) Haha...silly but so true! I love shopping for cute yet comfy clothes to go to work in! A trainer has to look the part now....c'mon!
  8. INSPIRATION! Many friends, acquaintances, neighbors and family members express to me all the time how they have changed their eating habits or began to workout because of things I post on Facebook, send in emails or post on this blog! What I do inspires others beyond just the four walls of the studio I work in and...THAT ROCKS!!!
  9. I can do what I do ANYWHERE! Outside, inside, your house, my house, the gym, the studio, the park. Wherever you are a good workout shall be!
  10. I'm always LEARNING! There will always be the basics but there will also be fun, new things to learn. New ways to do something that's already been done. Things change and I like change!
REMEMBER....Baby Steps!
Slow and steady wins the race so take your time
on this journey as you learn and make better
choices along the way!
When you know better you do better!


  1. Thank you for always being such an inspiration to me... and to many others! I love learning from you and keeping on going... trying to keep up with you! ;0)

  2. Good article....variety is the spice of life, right? And I think its cool you get to dress how you want to dress. Find something you love to do and some way to earn a living doing it and you'll never be miserable with what you do.

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