Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Do I Eat This Food?

Why do I want to eat this food?
If it is for pleasure, why am I seeking pleasure from my food instead of from my life?
If you are eating for pleasure, when will you ever have enough pleasure from food? The answer is never because you are seeking pleasure where pleasure was not meant to come from.
So many people eat for all the wrong reasons. They eat because it is one of the few things in life that gives them pleasure or makes them happy. They eat because they are depressed, they eat because it's the right thing to do socially. God made food to sustain our bodies so they would last at least 120 years. And what food did he mean us to originally eat? In Genesis we see that green food or plants were meant to sustain us. It is no wonder that in all the studies in cancer treatment and diet that the single greatest common factor was green vegetables -- just what God said back in Genesis. Our greatest pleasure in life comes from a personal intimate relationship with the God who created us, after that comes the pleasure of an intimate relationship between husband and wife, then comes family, then comes living our purpose in life for which God created us. Food is not included in this list of pleasures and never was meant to be. Also it's important to know that if you struggle with food as an addiction, you can become free if you just stand in it and don't run from it. So many people do not like pain and run from it every time but it is when you stand in the pain, you do not cover it up or run from it, this is when the Truth will be revealed. You will find that in the standing, God will reveal His light of awareness and this light that shines in the darkness will be the truth that will set you free. Self-discipline appears to be good in life but it always fails when it comes to eating because it is based on your own ability and strength, it is a product of the mind and it will always fail when enough pressure is applied. Self-control, is from the heart, is of the Spirit, and always succeeds because it comes from God and is His strength placed inside of your weakness. This comes when you stand and do not quit, stop or give up. With God all things are possible. So do not give up, just seek your pleasure in life from the Right source and know that you EAT TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO EAT.
Article by Dr. Keith Nemec from The Total Health Institute


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  2. This sounds like what I've been reading in the 'Made to Crave' book ...


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