Friday, April 1, 2011

Time is NOT a Factor!

I don't have a lot of time these days and you certainly don't need to hear me drone on about what busy looks like in our house because we are ALL busy in some way shape or form, right?!

So here's the thing. When I work out I have it in my head that I need to dedicate a full 45-60 minutes of exercise, doing anything less felt, well, LESS! But yesterday morning I was bummed because due to circumstances out of my control, I thought I would not be able to get my morning workout in...I only had like 20 minuets. I started to be upset about it but then thought...No, you have 20 minutes...make that the best 20 minute workout you can...make it really count!
So, I quickly got my shoes on, went downstairs and made my own "circuit"
This is what I did...
TM 5-7% incline 4mph for 2 min
20 pushups
20 real situps
20 squats
Repeat 2 more times and I had a FANTASTIC 20 minute elevated heart rate, sweaty workout!!! I made it count and you can too! Even if you only have 10 minutes....
What if you don't have a treadmill??? Do jumping jacks, get a jump rope...pretend you have a jump rope and "jump rope" run up and down your stairs, do burpees...that'll get your heart rate up!

Bottom line...don't let yourself believe that time is a factor...if you can squeeze in an awesome 10 minute workout twice in a day and that's all you can do...then DO IT! You'll be SO glad you did!

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  1. I'm catching on on my blog reading! I've missed reading yours!


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