Saturday, March 12, 2011

St Paddy's Day 5k~First race of 2011

It was the first race of 2011 and what a way to start off the running season! It was a chilly, windy March morning but that didn't stop over 1,700 runners from heading outdoors to Downtown Naperville for a brisk 3.1 mile run! We had a great group of ladies and my father-in-law (Gpa) that showed up despite some set-backs that several faced this past week.
Photos and stories are below so here we go!
  All Decked & ready to GO!
Here's most of the group from L to R:
Joanne, Michelle, Desiree, Jessica, Gpa, Kristi &
Vicky (kneeling)
*Joanne has been feeling under the weather the past few days...but she came out & ran! She Did It!
*Michelle twisted her ankle this past week. She rested & iced it then decided to come out & at least walk. She was feeling pretty good & even ran when she could...She showed up & She Did It!
*Desiree had a nose bleed earlier in the week that was severe enough to go to the hospital. They fixed her up & told her she could WALK the 5k....She showed up & walked! She Did It!
*Jessica, my son's GF & Desiree's BFF. She trained to run this 5k but walked right alongside
Desiree the whole time! She Did It!
*Gpa has been bustin' butt the last couple of days & wasn't feeling up to walking the 5k...but he woke up early with us, showed up & walked the whole time...He Did It!
*Kristi & Vicky were ready & rarin' to go for the first run of the season! We Did It!
This is my friend Colleen. Colleen and I haven't seen each other since High School but re-connected on Facebook. It was her goal in 2011 to run a 5k! We decided to meet up for this one & I'm so happy for her & proud of her! Congrats Colleen...This is just the beginning!
*Colleen's schedule has changed, she hasn't been getting much sleep this past week...but she too came out ready to get that 5k under her belt! She Did It!

It was quite the crowd! Over 1,700 participants!
The biggest St Paddy's Day run outside of Chicago!

And...We're Off! I'm front & center. Vicky's in the shirt.
Michelle is right behind her in white.
There's Gpa, Jessica & Desiree.
 Joanne came in first...she usually does :-)
My strong, enthusiastic finish just seconds behind Joanne & best 5k time yet!
Actually, my husband didn't have the camera ready when I crossed the finish line, so we had a "do-over" shot but I really was this enthusiastic when I crossed the line though!
And there's Vicky! She got UNDER her goal time! Way to go Vic!
Unfortunately, we weren't always camera & didn't get everyone else comin' in but we sure cheered our loudest cheers so they could finish strong! Gpa ended up walking with someone in the last stretch. She was around his age & cute! Did he ask for her number? NO! It was cute to see them walk it in strong as they finished in under 60 minutes! Way to go Gpa!!!

This was such an exciting race for me because it was filled with firsts for so many & despite some obstacles that people in the group faced they still came out!  
Don't let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in your way! Don't let the thought that you aren't fast enough or thin enough to race! There were thin, seasoned runners! There were overweight men & women! There were young kids as well as older adults! Finish times were broad ranging from 15:20 to 1:01 & they all showed up to run or walk the same race! Whether they showed up to support the Rotary Club & the Meals on Wheels program or to set a 2011 first race goal, to set a new PR or to prove that they too could accomplish that first 5k run or walk THEY DID IT!!! Did you catch the common theme...They Did It!!! And SO CAN YOU! Join the growing number of runners out there, accomplish your goals, feel great & loose a few pounds in the process. You won't regret having said you too DID IT!

"Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start!"


  1. as always, Kristi, an amazing blog! Thank you so much for sharing your spirit and inspiration! I love the quote at the end! I am going to borrow it!

  2. OK....I am inspired! Maybe not to do a 5k but to do SOMETHING...Kristi, you are an encourager!

  3. Thank you Erika! Borrow away, I did too! It's a quote that has kept me going many times!
    Thank you too Bonnie! Now, think about what you want to do then start taking those steps to do it! I know you can!


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