Friday, February 25, 2011

Testimonial #4-Carolyn's Come a LONG Way!

Carolyn is another FIERCE and FABULOUS friend of mine who has made some major changes in her life and lifestyle which now includes, you guessed it, Clean Eating!!! She also has her own blog, so if you'd like to find out more about Carolyn and her story click Fabulous Fitness.

I was first introduced to the concept of clean eating in December of 2009, however I didn't fully understand or embrace the lifestyle until June 2010. Once I started really incorporating the principles of clean eating, the results were so dramatic, I never wanted to 'cheat'. By taking sugar and processed foods out of my diet, I started sleeping better and had more energy during the day. In just a few months my complexion started to glow and radiate good health. My eyes looked healthier and clearer. I felt and looked 10 years younger in just three months. In 4 months of clean eating I went from wearing a size 12-14 to wearing a size 8-10. I continue to refine my diet to meet the changing goals I have for my fitness and well being.

I now use the weekend to cook all my favorite clean healthy recipes for the week ahead so that I can pack my lunches quickly and know that I have a lunch box full of delicious choices. My favorite foods to cook up on the weekend are: quinoa, sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken breasts, salmon patties and crustless quiche. 

Notice that Carolyn practices a clean eating MUST! Planning and Prep! It plays a huge role in being successful! Congrats to Carolyn for taking back control of her life! She is healthier and happier because of it...YOU can be too!
Remember...It's all about baby steps!  

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  1. Carolyn sent this to me today...

    Hey sweety! Thanks for including me. I wish I had said more about how simply amazing I feel every single day. The more diligent I am in my clean eating, the better I feel. Simply the best gift I ever gave myself.


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