Saturday, February 12, 2011

Testimonial #2

Today's testimonial comes from my "soul sister," Diane. Our meeting was a divine encounter and I've been so blessed to call her girlfriend ever since. She's an amazing accountability partner who is full of wisdom and knows just what to say. Her testimonial illustrates those two qualities well. She's also a personal trainer and will kick your butt in boot camp!
I hope you are, once again, inspired by the words of another awesome fitness friend of mine!

As a personal trainer you’d think that I’d have it all together. Nope. I hate the scale. I love Doritos. I don’t count calories. I eat chocolate…sometimes!

What I have found out about myself with health and fitness has surprised even me when I allowed my honesty to surface! I don’t always like doing the things that make my life better, but I do love a better life.

One thing I’ve had to focus on is, what CAN I do, not what CAN’T I do? For each of us those answers will be different.

Eating clean and healthy has provided me with some pretty good life enhancers.

One: I can feel good about myself inside and out!
Two: I can breathe! Breathing is so much better! My immune system is stronger now. I used to be plagued with allergies and hay fever every year. Also, I rarely get colds or nasty sicknesses! When you give your body the opportunity, it will choose to be healthy if you put the right fuel in it!
Three: I can occasionally indulge in anything I want without guilt.
Four: I can wear my skinny jeans and feel good about it :-)

The gym or working out? Honestly, most days I’m really okay with going to the gym and working out or doing my own routine at home. But then there are days like today. I walked around the gym and purposely engaged in conversation to be rescued from the machines calling my name! It’s all good really. Not only are you making your arms, legs and abs stronger and keeping your butt up where it belongs by doing squats, you are creating a heart that can serve you longer and better throughout your life! Being in physically fit condition has allowed me these other life enhancers.

One: I can actually run around a play ground with my grandchildren without feeling the need to find the nearest bench for recovery.
Two: At family gatherings, I can actually participate in sports and not look like a dork.
Three: I can sleep better and play harder.
Four: I can wear my skinny jeans and feel good about it. :-)

The world system is not set up to make this journey of health and fitness easy on us. We have to take responsibility for this body we have been given and give it the best there is. Besides, nothing taste as good as wearing skinny jeans :-)!  ~Diane

Stay tuned...there is more to come tomorrow! Remember to Make Today Count!

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