Monday, February 14, 2011

Testimonial #3~I Changed My Life!

Are you enjoying the testimonials? Are you getting the picture of how your body and your life can be different, better, when you feed it nutrient rich, whole food?
Here is another testimonial from another great and motivating fitness friend of mine. She is my cheerleader and is always lifting me up with her words and now it's my turn. Rachelle has lost an amazing 60...SIXTY...pounds in the last year. She is a busy wife and mother with 5 little ones at home which in and of itself amazes me! She took her life back and turned it around! Here is how eating clean has made a difference in her life! Enjoy!

Eating clean is something fairy recent for me, as in the last 4-6 months. I had heard of it before, but never got any more information on it. As my own journey went this past year with my weight loss and goals I was reaching for, I came across eating clean again and decided to look into it. At first, I was quite worried! I wasn't sure I could actually do it or how. I thought it would be something that I may have to do on my own, which would mean making separate meals... not crazy about that! I thought that it may be a lot of extra work... not crazy about that either! I thought it would be foods that wouldn't taste great and I really wasn't crazy about that either. Well, none of those things came to be true!  I actually found that although sometimes I make different choices for me, we could still eat as a family and only have to make one meal. For example... I just buy whole grain bread, brown rice, whole grain pastas or "clean" dressings. We can all have these and I don't have to "cheat" on eating clean. The extra work? Well, anything new takes some planning and getting used to BUT now, it really doesn't take any more time to cook and eat clean than it did before. As for taste...let me tell you... with eating clean, you actually get REAL flavors! I cook with more spices and herbs and I just love it...and here is the real kicker... our kids LOVE to eat clean!! They now always ask me if this meal or that meal or this snack, etc. is clean. When we were planning our Christmas menus, they were going through the cookbooks and figuring out how we could turn our favorite recipes into clean recipes! I love it! They are always thinking!! Now, they are not only making choices between good and bad (e.g. fruit vs.candy) but better and best (e.g. whole wheat vs. whole grain)! Yay!!!

Eating clean has also had a huge impact on my health! Let me tell you how I used to live... I was in pain pretty much 24:7... my hips, neck, back,legs, everything... the workouts help this. I used to have stomach problems. It was an odd day to not be doubled over in pain from cramping. I could really probably count the number of days a year on one hand, that I wasn't in pain! I also used to live with migraines which were also a common daily occurrence and these could be as "little" as living on IBuprofen or ending up in the hospital for a shot to control the pain. Another huge difference I have found is in my hands. I believe I have carpal tunnel, I would actually wake up in the night from the pain because my fingers wouldn't JUST go tingly, they would go numb and so numb that they hurt really bad! It was horrible! All of these things have been made better or have gone away because of my new clean eating habits. I also have SO much more energy when I eat clean. It is amazing that food can actually help your body heal itself and help it work the way it was really meant to!

Now, the only time I live with pain is from self inflicting it when I don't eat right! My body gives me feedback immediately about what it likes or doesn't like! I think it does that for most people... they just don't tune in and listen until there is some kind of illness- which often times can be too late! ~Rachelle


  1. Thanks Kristi! I have always loved and still do love reading your blogs! It means a lot to me for you to post this! I hope it makes a difference in someone's life!

  2. Thank YOU for being such an inspiration! You inspire so many every day and I guarantee, this blog WILL help someone out there!


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