Friday, January 14, 2011

Fitness Friday-The Treadmill

With winter in full effect and most of the country covered in snow it's not always easy to get outside and run. Sometimes we need to hit the treadmill to get in a great run or workout!
The next three installments of Fitness Friday will introduce some good, fast and effective treadmill workouts that will fit your schedule and level!

Only have 20 minutes? Here ya go...

Warm-up jog or fast walk for three minutes
Next, increase the speed to a faster pace (walking faster or jogging) and hold it for two minutes
Now...Walk for 30 seconds
Repeat that sequence
Next, extend YOUR fast walk or run part to three minutes
Then...Walk for 30 seconds
Repeat that sequence 
Then Cool down with a short walk
If you have more time then repeat each sequence again! 

The time goes by fast when doing intervals like this! Before you know it you'll have worked up a great sweat, torched some calories, relieved some stress and released mood boosting endorphins into your system!  ENJOY!

***Listen to your body. If you need more recovery time than 30 seconds, that's fine. This is your workout and these are just some general guidelines!


  1. Good idea! Doing the treadmill this way breaks up the monotony of treadmill workouts, which in turn makes it seem like it's going faster!

  2. I've heard from several people already who just love these treadmill workouts! Yay...Fun workouts that make you sweat, increase endurance and make the time go by faster?! What could be better in a workout?!!!


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