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Working Out-An Overview!

Working out, cardio, toning, weight lifting, Pilates and yoga - most of them suffice to accomplish an end if they are applied individually but work best when applied as an overall body composition make over and maintenance. Let’s take a look at each individually:

Working Out

When Joe says he went to the gym today and worked out, what do you think he actually did? Perhaps a bit of abdominal work, maybe shoulders, or legs, or maybe he just strolled around the indoor track for a few minutes and then hit the pool and Jacuzzi.

Following a distinct work out plan would be the ideal way to stay toned and tuned to your body, especially in today’s hectic lifestyle and fast food-a-ramas that line every exit and street. Working out is a term loosely applied and covers almost all aspects of exercise. But the definition of working out is always subject to change according to the person doing it.


Walking, jogging, aerobics, skiing, skating, cycling, swimming, kickboxing, and many more are classed as cardio workouts. Cardio burns calories and trains your heart, lungs, and body to coordinate in a combined energy expenditure and physical endurance and wellness training. Yes, your heart is a muscle too, and like all muscles in the body, it requires a workout to stay tuned and fit.


Weight lifting provides muscle definition and strength. WHAT? Your muscles are always ready for action, waiting for your next move, they are toned. Today’s standard of tone is how defined the muscle appears. There is no magic spot training wizard or a way to lose fat from your stomach by a given exercise. Yes, you can work a specific muscle group and force growth but to achieve the goal of showing off your finely ‘toned’ body, you’ll need to have a serious workout plan that incorporates weight lifting, cardio, and more.

Weight Lifting

The most obvious way to build muscle is to lift weights. Most women scream, “I don’t want to bulk up!” or “I don’t want to look like that!” referring to a body building competition. The basics of weight lifting are not about body building competitions. In order to achieve the muscle mass and fine tuned cuts you see in a competition, it would take much more than an hour a day workout plan. Building muscle – and maintaining it – should be one of your goals for life. Pumping iron tunes, tones, and more. It provides you with a solid foundation of body strength, discipline, and goals; and those are the keys to life.

Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga are often closely associated due to the basic principal of focus; the mind’s interaction to inspire or unite with the body.

The “Pilates Principal,” created by Joseph Pilates, focuses on mind over matter, breathing, centering, concentration, control, and precision. Pilates also focuses on core strengthening – abs and back – and trains the mind to be aware of and be in unity and control of the body.

Originating in India, Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice. The basic goal of yoga is to experience the spiritual self and gain understanding of the nature of existence. It is also associated with maintaining postures (which focus on the same principal as Pilates) and as a form of exercise.

The overview of Working Out

The key to working out, no matter what label we use, is to just go ahead and do it. We need a strong foundation to take care of the general routine of life and muscle plays a tremendous role in our foundation. Mixing up a workout routine not only adds variety in breaking the tedium of daily ritual, it also forces your body to change its approach to strength and endurance.

The best place to begin is at the beginning, it’s never too late to change an old habit, start a new page, or prepare you for the journey through life. Nike’s advertising campaign said it best, “Just do it!”
By Vickie Richter
Published: Thursday, 28 February 2008

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