Friday, December 31, 2010

Fitness Friday-Goodbye 2010

This is the last Fitness Friday for 2010! 
WELCOME 2011-Make it a GREAT YEAR for YOU!

Warm up:
1 minute each
Walk in place (get those knees up and pump your arms)
Step up's (step up and down on a stair or stepper if you have one)
Jumping jacks
Jump rope
Walk in place

Warm-up Stretching:
10 Forward arm circles
10 Reverse arm circles
Spine flexion, hold for 15 sec (reach out in front of you)
Spine extension, hold for 15 sec (reaching behind you)

Note: With weights never go too heavy, everyone is different so pick a weight that feels challenging but not straining. You can use dumbbells, cans of soup, a weighted bar of some kind...get creative with what you have around you.
ALWAYS protect your lower back by pulling in your abdominal muscles, watch to make sure you are neither over extending or flexing your back while performing these exercises. Your upper body/torso is there to keep you upright and strong (your core is always engaged in all that you do) so that whatever muscle group you are working is doing all the work...not the back. 
The workout:
*10 each side, Side to side leaps (as if you are leaping over a puddle sideways)
*10 Push-ups (regular or modified)
*10 Military presses w/ dumbbells or anything weighted (standing, sitting on bench, chair or balance ball)
*10 each leg, Walking lunges w/ or w/o added weight (watch that forward knee does not go over knee, keep torso upright, pull bellybutton to spine or suck in the abdominal muscles)
*Skaters for 30 seconds 
*10 Bent over rows (go lighter on weights)
*10 Triceps dips (on bench or step)
*10 Bicep curls w/ dumbbells
*20 Hop on stairs (Hop on to and off of stair or stepper while in a squat like position, make sure both feet land fully on the step)

Repeat 3-5 times for a great fully body workout!!!

Don't forget to stretch:
And Drink plenty of water today and everyday!!!

It's a NEW YEAR make a FRESH START!!!

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