Friday, December 17, 2010

Fitness Friday #6

Yep...I'm continuing Fitness Friday's! SO, get up and make Friday Fantastic by getting FIT!
Start w/ CARDIO:
Make your cardio COUNT. Move fast and move on to the next series quickly! Drink water and rest only as necessary!
1 minute jumping jacks
30 second butt kickers
30 second skaters
1 minute step ups
1 minute "jumping rope"
1 minute jog in place
30 leap side to side
30 second high knees
30 second side to side w/ hamstring curl
30 second jump squat

Move on to STRENGTH:
Use appropriate weighted Dumbbells w/ all exercises
Chest Press on bench, stability ball, bosu or on floor 1x/12-15
Standing Dumbbell rows 1x/12-15
Bicep Curls w/ Dumbbells 1x/12-15
Overhead Triceps Press w/ Dumbbell 1x/12-15

REPEAT 2-3x's!!!!

Please get permission and clearance from your Doctor before beginning any exercise program!

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