Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fitness Friday Eve

The holiday's are busy which is all the more reason to GET MOVING! Burn off some of those cookie calories from all of that baking and the work goodie binges...C'mon, you know you did :) Plus, get rid of some of that holiday anxiety and stress while getting all revved up for the last day before Christmas!

Here's your Fitness Friday and it's a little early which means you have no excuse! You can get up in the morning to start Christmas Eve off RIGHT!

Today's Fitness Friday comes from my wonderful friend Diane. She is a Personal Trainer in MI.
Check out her FaceBook page The Muscle Mechanic.
This is a fantastic full body workout which requires NO equipment! Enjoy...I have!!!

Warm up 20 seconds each x 2 sets (with a 30 sec. break)

Butt Kicks (run or stand in place, kicking butt)

Y Squats (squat with hands over head forming a Y, DO NOT allow knees to go over toes...Sit back like you are sitting back onto a chair)

Cross Body Mountain Climbers (in Push Up position, bend knee and bring to opposite side of body, alternate)

Shuffle (in squat position and shuffle sideways back and forth)


The Gauntlet x 3-5 sets with 30 -40 second breaks in between full sets

Push ups x 10

Side Jumps x 15each side (jump side to side)

Tricep dips x 10 (like on a chair but without the chair using body weight keep butt up and try just using arms to lower and raise body)

Mountain Climbers x 20 each side (alternating) (Push up position and "run" keeping butt down)

Reaching Lunge x 10 each each side (squat with one leg, the other leg is behind you while you reach out for balance come back up)

T-Push Up x 10 (total) (Do push up go into a T form on side, back down push up T form other side)

Spiderman Climb x 5 each side. (Push up position, take foot and bring to hand on same side of body)

I challenged myself to do it quicker with each set.

REST for 30-60 seconds

Total Body Abs x 30 seconds each x 2 sets
Night Crawler (Standing with hands over head bring elbow to opposite knee, alternate)

Super Walk (Push up position walk hands out over head as far as you can, walk back in keeping butt down, repeat)

Fantastic Plank (Push up position, hands out over head as far as possible, hold for 30 seconds)

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