Friday, December 31, 2010

Fitness Friday-Goodbye 2010

This is the last Fitness Friday for 2010! 
WELCOME 2011-Make it a GREAT YEAR for YOU!

Warm up:
1 minute each
Walk in place (get those knees up and pump your arms)
Step up's (step up and down on a stair or stepper if you have one)
Jumping jacks
Jump rope
Walk in place

Warm-up Stretching:
10 Forward arm circles
10 Reverse arm circles
Spine flexion, hold for 15 sec (reach out in front of you)
Spine extension, hold for 15 sec (reaching behind you)

Note: With weights never go too heavy, everyone is different so pick a weight that feels challenging but not straining. You can use dumbbells, cans of soup, a weighted bar of some kind...get creative with what you have around you.
ALWAYS protect your lower back by pulling in your abdominal muscles, watch to make sure you are neither over extending or flexing your back while performing these exercises. Your upper body/torso is there to keep you upright and strong (your core is always engaged in all that you do) so that whatever muscle group you are working is doing all the work...not the back. 
The workout:
*10 each side, Side to side leaps (as if you are leaping over a puddle sideways)
*10 Push-ups (regular or modified)
*10 Military presses w/ dumbbells or anything weighted (standing, sitting on bench, chair or balance ball)
*10 each leg, Walking lunges w/ or w/o added weight (watch that forward knee does not go over knee, keep torso upright, pull bellybutton to spine or suck in the abdominal muscles)
*Skaters for 30 seconds 
*10 Bent over rows (go lighter on weights)
*10 Triceps dips (on bench or step)
*10 Bicep curls w/ dumbbells
*20 Hop on stairs (Hop on to and off of stair or stepper while in a squat like position, make sure both feet land fully on the step)

Repeat 3-5 times for a great fully body workout!!!

Don't forget to stretch:
And Drink plenty of water today and everyday!!!

It's a NEW YEAR make a FRESH START!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fitness Friday Eve

The holiday's are busy which is all the more reason to GET MOVING! Burn off some of those cookie calories from all of that baking and the work goodie binges...C'mon, you know you did :) Plus, get rid of some of that holiday anxiety and stress while getting all revved up for the last day before Christmas!

Here's your Fitness Friday and it's a little early which means you have no excuse! You can get up in the morning to start Christmas Eve off RIGHT!

Today's Fitness Friday comes from my wonderful friend Diane. She is a Personal Trainer in MI.
Check out her FaceBook page The Muscle Mechanic.
This is a fantastic full body workout which requires NO equipment! Enjoy...I have!!!

Warm up 20 seconds each x 2 sets (with a 30 sec. break)

Butt Kicks (run or stand in place, kicking butt)

Y Squats (squat with hands over head forming a Y, DO NOT allow knees to go over toes...Sit back like you are sitting back onto a chair)

Cross Body Mountain Climbers (in Push Up position, bend knee and bring to opposite side of body, alternate)

Shuffle (in squat position and shuffle sideways back and forth)


The Gauntlet x 3-5 sets with 30 -40 second breaks in between full sets

Push ups x 10

Side Jumps x 15each side (jump side to side)

Tricep dips x 10 (like on a chair but without the chair using body weight keep butt up and try just using arms to lower and raise body)

Mountain Climbers x 20 each side (alternating) (Push up position and "run" keeping butt down)

Reaching Lunge x 10 each each side (squat with one leg, the other leg is behind you while you reach out for balance come back up)

T-Push Up x 10 (total) (Do push up go into a T form on side, back down push up T form other side)

Spiderman Climb x 5 each side. (Push up position, take foot and bring to hand on same side of body)

I challenged myself to do it quicker with each set.

REST for 30-60 seconds

Total Body Abs x 30 seconds each x 2 sets
Night Crawler (Standing with hands over head bring elbow to opposite knee, alternate)

Super Walk (Push up position walk hands out over head as far as you can, walk back in keeping butt down, repeat)

Fantastic Plank (Push up position, hands out over head as far as possible, hold for 30 seconds)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Hustle and Bustle - Ways to Beat Stress

We all know that the days and weeks leading up to Christmas can be hectic, crazy and stressful. We want to make sure we've made our lists and checked them twice not forgetting anyone. There are so many people to think about. Kids, moms, dads, grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews, teachers, coaches, friends and neighbors not to mention the mail carrier, paper deliverer etc...etc...
There's cooking and baking, decorating and wrapping, preparing and sharing. All of this takes place while the routine of daily life must go on. No wonder so many of us are stressed out and cranky during one of the most celebrated and loved holidays of the year!

While we can't take away the stress altogether there are always things that we can do to minimize it and help us through not just this time of year but throughout the year!

First of all...If it doesn't bring you joy, DON'T DO IT! If it's something you do begrudgingly or because you feel you have to but it really just adds stress then omit it from your to do list! Years ago I thought it was my job, my duty as a woman to bake for the holidays. Bake cookies, bake breads, bake fudge and bake beautiful pastries but it didn't make me happy AT ALL! I HATE baking! I really do...for some reason it makes me cranky at the end of it all. Some people LOVE it and they do such a wonderful job making beautiful baked goods that taste so great. If that's you, continue but if it's not then stop! I don't love it so I stopped doing it. A friend of mine said if putting up three Christmas trees in your house makes you happy, then do it! If it stresses you out then don't do it! There are no rules or codes to follow at Christmas time. Christmas is really about celebrating and enjoying, not stressing to the point where you walk around being rude, cranky and miserable...we've all been there and we see it in the parking lots and stores as people scramble to make Christmas happen. Not fun!

Second...EXERCISE! Yes, you knew it was coming! Listen to this...Our bodies are wonderful machines and when we utilize and DO with them what they were made to do our bodies take care of us. Let's take a look at two ways daily stresses can be managed physiologically...

Endorhpin Release - Endorphins...oh how I love you! When we exercise our bodies releases these wonderful, pain-relieving, mood-elevating chemicals in the brain giving us a natural feeling of well being and happiness as they lift our mood. The runner’s high is a perfect example of the increased endorphins in the body. Therefore, exercise keeps your body functioning well and will keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed while promoting a deep and restful nights sleep. Sounds great doesn't it!

Cortisol - Cortisol is an important chemical that the body produces when stress is placed on it as it aids us in the fight or flight response. Excessive amounts of cortisol, however, wreak havoc on the body in the form of weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, fuzzy thinking, depression, cravings and mood swings. Chronic stress forces the adrenal glands to produce high levels of cortisol which, as you can see, can be detrimental not just on a daily basis but over time.  Getting in regular bouts of exercise will curb the amount of cortisol your body releases in response to stress. 

Do yourself a favor by treating the body you were given with respect. Eliminate unnecessary  stress and manage the rest through exercise! You'll feel better and your body will thank you now and for years to come!

Dinner - Uncomplicated

Dinner doesn't have to be complicated!
With a few simple ingredients dinner can be ready before you know it.

2-2.5lb Pork Tenderloin Roast
1 box (13.25oz, serves 7) Rotini Whole Wheat Pasta, cooked according to directions
1 Red Pepper, cut in bite size pieces
1 Yellow Pepper, cut in bite size pieces
1 Pkg Baby Spinach
4Tbls drained Muffalata (I used from Muffalata from The Pickle Guy, Mild & Spicy)
McCormick Steakhouse Grinders seasoning to taste
1/8tsp Sea Salt...a little goes a long way so season sparingly!
1-2Tbls Olive Oil
(Some variations are below)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Remove pork tenderloin from packaging, rinse under cold water, pat dry.
Place pork in baking dish
Grind McCormick Steakhouse Grinders seasoning all over roast
Cover with foil
Bake 30 minutes per lb or until internal temp reaches 160 degrees
Remove roast from oven when ready, uncover and let rest for 5 minutes

While roast is resting heat oil in pan on stove top.
Add peppers and sautee about 5 minutes
Add drained muffalata, stir for 1 minute
Add baby spinach
Season with McCormick Steakhouse Grinders seasoning
Finally, add cooked pasta and stir

Set on low to keep warm while you slice the pork roast.
You can also add the juice of the roast to the pasta for some added flavor if you'd like.

Serve and Enjoy!
Served 5 with pasta and roast leftover for lunch tomorrow!

 Simple and Da-lish!

Variations: Add squash and onion. Use sweet potato or spaghetti squash in place of pasta or brussel sprouts with olive oil and creative and use what works for you or with what you have on hand. Just remember modest amounts of Olive Oil and salt. Use other spices/herbs to add flavor!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fitness Friday #6

Yep...I'm continuing Fitness Friday's! SO, get up and make Friday Fantastic by getting FIT!
Start w/ CARDIO:
Make your cardio COUNT. Move fast and move on to the next series quickly! Drink water and rest only as necessary!
1 minute jumping jacks
30 second butt kickers
30 second skaters
1 minute step ups
1 minute "jumping rope"
1 minute jog in place
30 leap side to side
30 second high knees
30 second side to side w/ hamstring curl
30 second jump squat

Move on to STRENGTH:
Use appropriate weighted Dumbbells w/ all exercises
Chest Press on bench, stability ball, bosu or on floor 1x/12-15
Standing Dumbbell rows 1x/12-15
Bicep Curls w/ Dumbbells 1x/12-15
Overhead Triceps Press w/ Dumbbell 1x/12-15

REPEAT 2-3x's!!!!

Please get permission and clearance from your Doctor before beginning any exercise program!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Working Out-An Overview!

Working out, cardio, toning, weight lifting, Pilates and yoga - most of them suffice to accomplish an end if they are applied individually but work best when applied as an overall body composition make over and maintenance. Let’s take a look at each individually:

Working Out

When Joe says he went to the gym today and worked out, what do you think he actually did? Perhaps a bit of abdominal work, maybe shoulders, or legs, or maybe he just strolled around the indoor track for a few minutes and then hit the pool and Jacuzzi.

Following a distinct work out plan would be the ideal way to stay toned and tuned to your body, especially in today’s hectic lifestyle and fast food-a-ramas that line every exit and street. Working out is a term loosely applied and covers almost all aspects of exercise. But the definition of working out is always subject to change according to the person doing it.


Walking, jogging, aerobics, skiing, skating, cycling, swimming, kickboxing, and many more are classed as cardio workouts. Cardio burns calories and trains your heart, lungs, and body to coordinate in a combined energy expenditure and physical endurance and wellness training. Yes, your heart is a muscle too, and like all muscles in the body, it requires a workout to stay tuned and fit.


Weight lifting provides muscle definition and strength. WHAT? Your muscles are always ready for action, waiting for your next move, they are toned. Today’s standard of tone is how defined the muscle appears. There is no magic spot training wizard or a way to lose fat from your stomach by a given exercise. Yes, you can work a specific muscle group and force growth but to achieve the goal of showing off your finely ‘toned’ body, you’ll need to have a serious workout plan that incorporates weight lifting, cardio, and more.

Weight Lifting

The most obvious way to build muscle is to lift weights. Most women scream, “I don’t want to bulk up!” or “I don’t want to look like that!” referring to a body building competition. The basics of weight lifting are not about body building competitions. In order to achieve the muscle mass and fine tuned cuts you see in a competition, it would take much more than an hour a day workout plan. Building muscle – and maintaining it – should be one of your goals for life. Pumping iron tunes, tones, and more. It provides you with a solid foundation of body strength, discipline, and goals; and those are the keys to life.

Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga are often closely associated due to the basic principal of focus; the mind’s interaction to inspire or unite with the body.

The “Pilates Principal,” created by Joseph Pilates, focuses on mind over matter, breathing, centering, concentration, control, and precision. Pilates also focuses on core strengthening – abs and back – and trains the mind to be aware of and be in unity and control of the body.

Originating in India, Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice. The basic goal of yoga is to experience the spiritual self and gain understanding of the nature of existence. It is also associated with maintaining postures (which focus on the same principal as Pilates) and as a form of exercise.

The overview of Working Out

The key to working out, no matter what label we use, is to just go ahead and do it. We need a strong foundation to take care of the general routine of life and muscle plays a tremendous role in our foundation. Mixing up a workout routine not only adds variety in breaking the tedium of daily ritual, it also forces your body to change its approach to strength and endurance.

The best place to begin is at the beginning, it’s never too late to change an old habit, start a new page, or prepare you for the journey through life. Nike’s advertising campaign said it best, “Just do it!”
By Vickie Richter
Published: Thursday, 28 February 2008

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dinner? Try this QUICK and EASY dish!

Rice Noodles w/ Sesame-Ginger Flank Steak


  • 1/3  cup  rice vinegar
  • 3  tablespoons  low-sodium soy sauce
  • 1  tablespoon  hoisin sauce
  • 2  teaspoons  cornstarch
  • 1 1/2  teaspoons sugar
  • 2  teaspoons  grated peeled fresh ginger
  • 1/4  teaspoon  salt
  • 3  garlic cloves, minced
  • 2  teaspoons  dark sesame oil, divided
  • 1  (1-pound) flank steak, trimmed and cut into 1/4-inch strips
  • 1 1/2  cups  shredded carrot
  • 1 1/2  cups  sugar snap peas, trimmed
  • 1  cup  (1/4-inch) slices red bell pepper strips
  • 1/2  cup  fresh bean sprouts
  • 4  cups  hot, cooked, whole wheat or rice noodles
  • 1/2  cup  chopped green onions
  • 1  tablespoon  sesame seeds, toasted


Combine the first 8 ingredients, stirring until sugar dissolves.
Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1 teaspoon oil to pan. Add half of steak; sauté 4 minutes or until browned. Remove steak from pan. Repeat procedure with remaining oil and steak. Add vinegar mixture, carrot, peas, bell pepper, and sprouts to pan; cook 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Return steak to pan. Add noodles; cook 1 minute, stirring constantly. Sprinkle with onions and sesame seeds.
Top with low sodium soy sauce and/or chili sauce for a little kick!

Nutritional Information:

When made with rice noodles.
369 (25% from fat)
10.4g (sat 3.7g,mono 4g,poly 1.4g)
Source: Cooking Light, June 2004

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fitness Friday #5

It's Baaaaaaack!
Yes, after a short hiatus it is indeed BACK! Fitness Friday...Do It!!!

Bun's and Legs-Tone 'Em Up!!!

Always warm up before doing any type of exercise. Walk for 3-5 minutes. Do some jumping jacks, butt kicks, jump rope, high knees, step-ups, arm circles, leg swings...anything to warm up the joints and muscles and get the blood in your body PUMPIN'!!!!

Bridges-2/15 (2 sets/15 reps each set) make these more difficult with heels on a Bosu or balance ball!
Glute Kickbacks-2/15
Lateral Leg Raises w/ band-2/15
Walking lunges w/ medicine ball (or anything weighted) w/ front raises-2/8-10 each leg
Plie Squat w/ medicine ball (or anything weighted)-2/15
Squat w/ leg abduction (same as lateral leg raise)-2/15
Mountain Climbers-3/15

Stretch those hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps before you're done! Flexibility is just as important as cardio and strength training so don't neglect that! Your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints will thank you...especially as you age ;)
Please get permission and clearance from your Doctor before beginning any exercise program!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Purpose of Food!

The purpose of food is and will always remain the give the body fuel to perform it's daily functions in the form of three macro-nutirents which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Each nutrient provides ESSENTIAL calories that our cells, muscles and bones need daily to not only survive but to THRIVE!
Unfortunately, with the diet and weight loss industry some of these basic nutrients have been portrayed in a negative light and thus made us believe that we need to stay away from certain food groups.
Nothing could be farther from the truth!

I'm going to make this VERY simple! We NEED proteins! We NEED carbohydrates! We NEED fats! We need them because they are the very basics of what our bodies are made up of. Without them our bodies have no choice but to fail us. They will fail us in the form of sickness and disease, feeling sluggish and tired, immobility and the reliance on drugs from pharmaceutical companies (I'd love to get started on this subject alone...but that will be for another blog!). I often hear people questioning disease, sickness and ailments as if it's some curse thrust upon them by some outside being who is trying to punish them or teach them a lesson when in reality that being, whom I call God, created food for us to enjoy! Food is there to nourish our bodies, give us energy to perform daily tasks and see us through until our bodies, out of old age, cease to function.

Think about your car. The better you take care of it the longer it's going to last. If you don't take care of it you can get by but you're going to run into costly problems along the way with lots of time wasted taking care of those problems. You can take great care of your car, perform scheduled maintenance but eventually without a total rebuild it's gotta go but how well you take care of it will determine how long that car lasts.
The same is true with us...we need to be maintained DAILY!

When eating, the most important thing is to simply....keep it SIMPLE! Eat fresh fruits and veggies (preferably organic), nuts, legumes, lean meats and fish, whole grains (whole grain means that the WHOLE grain was used...novel idea isn't it! Another blog for another time!) and healthy fats such as olive oil, sunflower oil, flax seed oil and even coconut oil. If you want butter, use's REAL! Margarine and blends of butter have other ingredients that are either harmful or that your body doesn't need. Just remember with fats/oils MODERATION is key! Use spices to add flavor and limit processed boxed food that have long lists of ingredients.

Also, drink water water water. I'll never forget hearing that water is what our bodies use to wash us internally. You wouldn't wash your clothes in tea, pop, coffee or beer so when it comes to hydration and cleansing...water is the only way to go!

While we gain pleasure from eating it's not our taste buds that we should continually try to satisfy. Rather it is the all of the things that we can't see going on behind the scenes that needs satisfying. Your cells, neurotransmitters, synovial fluid, GI tract, brain, heart, lungs, skin and everything in between will thank you for eating the way we were intended to eat....Naturally clean, lean and green!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deceptive Advertising

Read those labels!

I was among a group of ladies the other day with a nice little brunch being served during a hurried decorating frenzy for an upcoming event taking place later in the week. There was fresh fruit, fresh veggies, chips, deli meats, cheeses, rolls and croissants. One thing in particular that caught my attention was a long, slender box of Pringles "Multi-grain" crisps.  "Hmmm, multi-grain," I thought. Well, let's take a closer look!

Tempting isn't it? I mean, it says "Multi-grain" so it must be "better," "helathier," or even "good for you" right? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Sorry to "shout" but it is what it is!

Serving size: 16 crisps (notice that Pringles doesn't use the word chips).
140 calories and 8 grams of fat in those 16 chips.
ONE measly gram of fiber!
ONE measly gram of protein!
Trace amounts of vitamin C and iron...big deal!

So what makes this Multi Grain???

First of all, in reading labels 101 ingredients are listed in order of what ingredient is used most to least.
Just look at the first two ingredients. Rice flour and vegetable oil. Then we have dried potatoes and blagh blagh blagh other ingredients. Notice where it ways contains 2% or less of: malted barley flour then wheat flour. Guess what makes this product multi grain? Rice is a grain...first ingredient. Then the ingredients found last and least used are barley and wheat flour...both grains! Whala...Multi Grain! Is it better for you than regular pringles? Hell NO!!!
Don't fall for deceptive advertising such as "crisps" instead of chips or "multi-grain" or even "natural" for that matter.
Learn to be a label reader! Or better yet, stick to the foods at the stores perimeter where your food will have no need for labels and isn't a mock version of something attempting to be healthy. Deceptive advertising is simply a wolf walking around in sheep's clothing! Guess who the victim is?

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Monster 13.1

A half marathon? If you would have asked me that 10 years ago I would have chalked it up as a nice thought, something that I would like to think I could do someday but would never actually accomplish. Truth is, I admired all those runners I saw out on the road pounding the pavement and I envied the runners I knew.  I always wanted to be a runner but didn't think that I really could and I didn't even know where to start much less how to progress. Every journey begins somewhere and mine began in my mind years ago.
Fortunately, I didn't let that thought hold me back forever. The idea, desire and dream was always there it just came into fruition later...when I was ready!

I struggled for some time when I began to write about my first half marathon and today, 6 weeks later, I decided that I don't need to write the history of how I got here. You just need to know that I did...and YOU can too!!! Don't let anything, anyone (especially yourself) or any excuse stop you from pursuing your dreams and goals! Boom...Bottom Line!!!

Race day...Here we go!
Chicago Monster, October 31, 2010!
Me and Joanne waiting to GO!

I spent the weekend downtown with two friends. Vicky was doing the 5k and Joanne was doing the half marathon too. The night before the race we found out that we had a special visitor in town, President Obama! His visit caused the organizers of the race to either cancel or re-route the day before. Needless to say, they decided to re-route. I can't imagine what that must have taken to pull that off...all for one man's visit! This re-route will come into play at the end of the race so keep reading :)
The halfers started first so Joanne and I found our place in the long line of runners and waited for our turn to take off. Joanne and I were talking about our hopeful finish times. I knew I wanted to finish in 2hrs 30mins or less and acknowledged that I would probably be walking on and off throughout as I knew my training leading up to the half wasn't where I needed it to be.
As we crossed the starting line I thought "Here I go, no turning back now, girl!" The air was chilly and I was thankful for the gloves I had purchased the night before, as well as the awesome race day hoodie and skull cap from Team Ortho! Great gear!
Joanne and I started off at the back of the line, not wanting to be too ambitious. Starting off strong we just started running. We started passing people together but after a while Joanne took off ahead of me wanting to stretch her legs a little more.
Every time I run, every time I race, it's MY run, it's MY race! So it was with this one, my first half marathon. I just ran at MY race at my pace! I wasn't looking to earn anything other than the gratification that comes with finishing and maybe finishing within the time that I had set in my head! So off I went!
Since it was Halloween there were many people dressed up in costumes. That made it not only fun but it was easy to remember who passed who and who I was keeping pace with. One in particular was my childhood hero....Wonder Woman! Haha...she was no Lynda Carter that's for sure! She was one that in the beginning constantly passed me up only to stop and walk then repeat. She did this for the first 3-4 miles maybe, then I at some point she fell behind and I never saw her again. In my mind I remember thinking how important it is to just find your pace and stay there. There's no need to expend so much energy, especially in the beginning. This is a long race and there is a lot of energy that needs to be generated to continue and finish.
I wanted to keep my pace but I also wanted to stay hydrated, so I stopped at every water station and walked a bit so I wasn't sucking air as well as water. As, I approached mile 9 or 10 I could feel my legs begin to feel heavier and heavier. It was a cool 45 degrees and I was soaking wet from sweat and I was getting chilly even though I was warm. I stopped and walked to take my hat off and to peel off my top layer which was my hoodie. Because my bib was on the hoodie I actually took the time to unfasten and re-fasten my bib to my shirt. I'd say that took about 3-4 minutes and maybe a good excuse to rest my heavy legs ;-)
It was also around mile 9-10 that I could tell where we were at. We made our way back to the finish line the way we came which was along the lake front. In my mind that made the run that much harder because I then knew about how much longer I had to run. Tired, moist and cold it was a battle of the mind now.
My last little "break" came in the form of a potty break. I had passed many port-o-potty's along the way and at around the 11 mile marker I decided I better go. That took another 3-4 minutes, awkward minutes I might add. But then I was off and running again. Pushing forward, telling myself that I've come this far so there will be NO STOPPING NOW!!!
Approaching the area where we began and would finish was such a relief to see. I passed the mile 13 flag and with an immense feeling of satisfaction within me I pushed myself knowing that I only had .1 mile to go, or so I thought! I ran passed the crowd cheering for us as we ran passed. There were people clapping and handing out high fives. It was so exciting to know that I was nearly there. The finish line isn't far and so I continued to run...and run...and run!
Then confusion set in as I, along with other runners,  began running parallel to the finish line as it began to get farther and farther away. Rather than running toward we were running away from that blessed line. I stopped a couple of times to ask other runners if this seemed correct, they were as confused as I was. Finally we heard a race router clapping and cheering telling us we only had about .25 miles left!!! WHAT??? A quarter of a mile left??? Are you kidding me??? This was SO disheartening to me and I felt myself fade. It was then that I walked here and there for 5 seconds at a time. Why? I don't really know! When I stopped to walk one last time a little fairy angel came along side me (literally, she was dressed up as a fairy :) and she tapped me and said "C'mon, keep going...let's go!" And so I did as she ran beside me! I'll never forget her! She made me accountable to myself and the race.
When I finally saw the finish line I didn't sprint to it, I was sprinted out so I had to stay focused to just cross over it. Although there were lots of people there at the end I didn't see anyone on the sides, I didn't hear anyone cheering, clapping, hooting or hollering. It was just me, myself and I getting over the line. I know it doesn't sound very glorious...but I did it and that's all that mattered to me.

Vicky was at the finish line. She did her 5k and waited for me and Joanne in the cold until we finished. What an awesome friend! Then I saw my husband, kids and father-in-law who came down that morning to see me finish. I hugged my husband and began to cry. I cried because I DID IT! I cried because I was relieved! I cried because they were there to share in that joy and again I cried because I DID IT!!! What an amazing feeling it was. All of the hard work that led to this one day...and I DID IT! Me! The girl who two years ago couldn't run 3 blocks without whining that she wanted to stop! Haha...isn't that awesome?  And guess what? If I can do it....SO CAN YOU!
Here's the kicker and where the re-route comes in to play. Later that day as well as the following day people were posting on the Facebook page that the race was actually 13.4-13.5 miles and not 13.1. Days later Team Ortho acknowledged that the actual distance was 13.4 miles. I finished my race in 2 hours and 33 minutes! I reached my goal time and if the distance had actually been 13.1 I would have beat my goal time. But hey, I had a GREAT time, I'm SO glad I did it!

Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, set goals and follow a plan to make those goals a reality! You'll be amazed at what you can do if you set your mind to do it!!!


Thank you for reading my long, drawn out and at times grammatically incorrect blog with extra exclamation points...and all... :)