Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The New Noodle In Town

Some of you may have heard about a new noodle product that is out. Well, it's not exactly new because it has been consumed for centuries in Asia, but for us...it's new! The United States can be innovative but when it comes to food...we're WAY behind the rest of the world!
This new noodle is called No oodle and it looks like this.
 If you'll recall I wrote a blog back in July about the
Shirtaki Noodles that I purchased which are pictured below.

My thoughts are simply this. The noodles are a GREAT alternative to regular noodles and I highly recommend them. They taste great, can be brought anywhere and heat up in a minute with no boiling necessary! How perfect is that?! The No Oodle's are a little more expensive than the Shirtaki Noodles I bought but I'm sure that varies from store to store too. No Oodle does have a website with lots of upcoming products that will be sold in stores soon (you can purchase online now) so be on the lookout for those...I know I will! Check out the recipes page too!

Happy Eating and Remember....Make Today Count!

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