Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halfway to My Half

I'm on a quest to complete a half marathon this year.  It's something I've wanted to do for two years now and I am going to do it this year...I decided this about 4 weeks ago. Why it's taken me two years to meet that goal and why I simply decided a few weeks ago to just go for it is another story for another time, but today marked the day that I was a little more than half way there. Seven miles! I have more than doubled my initial goal when I began running which was to race in a 5k (3.1 miles). And like I said, I am more than halfway to that half marathon goal! That's pretty cool!
Running, I have learned, is a battle of the mind and a competition with me, myself and I. Every time I increase my mileage those two factors come into play until my body has to fall in line and adapt. Today was no exception and the decision to have a good run came last night. You see, I can psych myself out if I begin to think too much about it, but last night I DECIDED in my mind that today was going to be a good run, I had my route mapped out and "ran" through it in my head. I even set my mental clock to wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. this morning and guess what? I woke up at 6:35! I knew then that it would indeed be a good run. To top things off it was perfect running weather. The sun was out and it was a cool 58-60 degrees. I geared up and next to my Asics running shoes, I had my most valuable piece of equipment with me, my ipod! 

The run overall was great, however around mile 5 I began to think about where my mile 6 marker was...right in front of my home. HOME! It's usually at the end of a run that I arrive happily at home with the crowd in my head cheering me on through the red ribbon finish (yep, that's what I really see at the end of any run, no matter what the distance :) The thought of being home was tempting to, well, stay home! Right? I mean, makes sense! But once again the mind came into play! I thought about rerouting and guesstimating the last mile, but I wanted accuracy! So, rather than reroute I decided that I was going to pass by my house, give a little wave and stride on through to my last mile. Piece of cake! And so I did! Admittedly the last mile was a little tougher than the first 6 because I hadn't cleared my mind fully. At that point I really just wanted to be done, all the while's just one more mile! 
Then the last .1 of my mile, I came across a lucky penny. Those who know me know how excited I get about coinage I find when I am out and about...again,  another story for another time, maybe! With that being said I am always on the lookout for coins on the road when I am out running and I have not found one...until today and boy did it make me smile. It was like the perfect end to a great milestone of a run.

Today was one to blog about and so here you have 7 mile run and halfway to a half!

Apply the battle of the mind, mind over body...whatever you want to call it...apply that to everyday life, in all that you do and just WATCH, WATCH where you go! You may just surprise yourself and accomplish something you never thought you would or could!

Make today count!


  1. WTG! You are awesome! I totally relate to what you are saying about the mind! That is one reason I love running because not only I can push my body, but I have to also push my mind and I find that much harder!

  2. So true! I honestly think I enjoy the challenge of mind over body than I do the running itself :) Thanks girl! You ROCK!!!!

  3. Its so true...the last mile can be the killer....and I'm happy to say she made it. THAT'S A GOOD GIRL. LOL


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