Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fat vs Muscle

Look at that beautiful muscle! Muscle is a beautiful thing (ladies)!

Fat takes up a huge amount of space in comparison to muscle. So while you shrink in size you may weigh the same, or even more, simply based on the amount of muscle you are gaining while losing the yellow stuff. Be encouraged! Over time with strength training as part of your regular workouts, those muscles will pop, you'll be down a size or two and you'll feel amazing! I know many fit-fat people who step on the scale and are in a "healthy" range but they would classify as "obese" if body fat percentages were taken. Don't make the mistake of losing weight and getting smaller while ignoring those muscles. A smaller frame may be the end result but overall, fat will still prevail.
BMI or Body Mass Index, you've heard of it I'm sure. Ideally our goal is to be in a "healthy" BMI range. But remember that this is a simple calculation used to generalize where large groups of people fall under simple healthy or unhealthy guidelines. The government uses BMI to get an overview of where the population is based on these simple calculations. We've seen overweight and obesity rates rise dramatically using BMI measurements. There is no way that Dr.'s or the government can do true body fat measurements for all so this is their way of getting an idea of where the general population is based on this very simple weight and height calculation! Don't let that number be a deterrent or depress you from the ultimate goal of being fit and healthy! It's simply a guideline. Conversely, don't let any number fool you into believing that you are "healthy" either. Just because a person has a BMI that falls under a normal range does not mean they are healthy either. 

Good nutrition and cardio will get rid of the fat while strength training will tone and build muscle. I've said this before but it bears constant repeating for women. Ladies, you will NOT bulk up while strength training! I could write a whole blog on why, but that's not important. What is important is that picking up weights is good for you in so many ways. So don't be afraid of those dumbbells. If you're intimidated by weights and machines at the gym, drop me a line through email, I'd be happy to help you out!



  1. So awesome Kristi! (again!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you! I talk to my kids about this... because they SEE someone and make comments like, "oh, they are healthy!" and I ask, "How do know?" They say, "Look at how skinny they are." That is where I have to step in... skinny doesn't really matter... it's what is going on inside the body! This is why we keep hearing about young people dropping dead (literally) on basketball courts or somewhere else and everyone is shocked!

  2. Right on! And great job educating them now when they are young :)


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