Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Spice is Nice

No, not hot and spicy, although I LOVE hot, spicy food; speaking of, I have a great shredded, lean beef recipe that reminds me of the Chipotle Naked Burrito (that's a burrito without the tortilla which is served in a bowl) I get (the 2-3 times a year we actually get Chipotle). I will share that recipe VERY SOON. We had it last week and I forgot (Ergh!) to take pictures, so I could not share! I mean really, what is a blog without pictures ESPECIALLY when it comes to food, right?! But anyway, back to spice...
Here are some spices that are super easy, no brainers to have on hand and use in many dishes. I love and use them ALL the time!

Turn these baby's upside down and grind in several mouthwatering flavors with a few turns of your wrist. Simple. Easy. I love it!

*It's a short, quick, to the point (well, sort of to the point, a bit random) blog because this girl is TIRED! So, I am finally getting this bod to bed :)

Wishing you sweet and happy dreams....G'nite!

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