Monday, August 30, 2010

Sneaky Ways to Get Your Veggies

This is a great way to get in some veggies. By using them as your base for just about any dish you really bulk up the dish, add some beautiful color, provide your body with the essential nutrients that come from green veggies, lower your carb and calorie ingestion and feel FULLER LONGER!  I love pasta dishes so here are a few "pasta" dishes I have had with greens as my base :)

Normally I would microwave or heat up in a pan the spinach to warm it and wilt it slightly. This is just fresh, cold spinach. I have grown accustomed to eating it this way with this amount. Wilting it reduces it and changes the texture slightly. It also blends into the dish better. I recommend starting off with at least a cup of any veggie. You may want to start off with a smaller amount then over time increase the amount. Remember, baby steps to change!
Top with some cooked WHOLE WHEAT pasta.
Pour your favorite sauce over the whole thing.
I used ground turkey breast (97% fat free) w/ Bella Vita Low Carb Tomato Basil pasta sauce topped w/ fresh mozzarella cheese.
 My daughter is ready to gobble it up...Haha!
Here is another dish where I used BROCCOLI as my base! This is made simply with sliced boneless, skinless chicken breast that is sauteed in olive oil and fresh pressed garlic. Then add some sea salt, pepper and a shake or two of dried ground thyme. Serve over any veggie (steamed broccoli, sauteed collard greens, spinach or green beans just to name a few) and top with Parmesan, feta or fresh mozzarella cheese!
Here is another pasta dish made with one package of frozen collard greens that I again just sauteed in some olive oil, garlic and a little sea salt (remember, a LITTLE salt, we want to keep sodium DOWN!). This is topped with grated Parmesan cheese!
All three dishes pictured are delicious....I encourage you to get in some veggies by using it as a base in anything including and and all pasta dishes, enchiladas, soups (canned soups can and really SHOULD be bulked up with extra veggies). Pour piping hot soup over some spinach or add in a handful of frozen veggies of your choice as the soup is simmering. Enjoy! Be creative and let me know what you come up with ;)

HUGS to you all!

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