Monday, August 30, 2010

August-Here and Gone!

The end of August is almost here and I thought I better get out a blog or two (maybe three!) before September arrives. Yikes, can you believe it...SEPTEMBER! I know, it's what we talk about every year; the summer flying by, kids going back to school with fall on our heels but every year seems to sweep past us even faster than the year before.

I hope that you had as wonderful a summer as I've had. As I take a moment to look back and reflect so much has transpired and that's an exciting realization.  Why don't you sit back and take just a few moments right now to look back at the past few months of summer. Recall all that you did, all that you may have accomplished, the friends you visited with, new connections you made, where you went on vacation, the good books you read, the family you BBQ'd with, the games you played, the healing you went through, the transitions both mental and physical, the weather you enjoyed, the kids you spent time with, the walks you took. I could go on and on and on because even if it wasn't a summer of great change or it seemed full of monotony there is ALWAYS something you can take away from it, learn from, grow in or be happy about!

My summer was filled with friends, family, cookouts, bonfires, sunshine, water, fun, relaxing, graduation parties including my own son's from H.S. and my daughter's from Jr. High. I celebrated 15 years of marriage with my husband this past June. It was the perfect summer to celebrate all of these awesome milestones with an end of summer trip to the Lake where we rented a beautiful home right on Lake Michigan. It's really one of my favorite places to go. First of all, I LOVE the water and Lake MI is clean, clear and isn't home to critters such as jelly fish, stingrays or SHARKS :) We can pack up and drive there in a few hours and be ON THE BEACH that afternoon!
This is pretty much what I did ALL week!
This is the man I have spent nearly 20 years of my life with! 

 I pretty much lived in this dress cover-up!
And enjoyed lots of beautiful MI sunsets!

I've learned a lot about myself this summer and what I want in life and who I want to be when I grow up...Heehee. Growing is a wonderful thing and every few years I seem to take new giant leaps into something new, exciting and fun! I'm about due for a change and I'm super excited about the path that I am on! Where are YOU going, what are YOU doing, how are YOU growing??? Let me know cuz I'd love to hear all about it!

Hugs to you all :)


  1. I am reflecting at all that has happened this summer too! I feel so blessed!

    I do have some new goals, I'm not waiting until 2011, there's still 1/3 left of this year and I'm going to make it count! #1. To be healthier, happier than yesterday! #2. The same! hahaha!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and encouraging words. You SO rock!!

  2. Your blog did make me slow down, just for a second and think and reflect. Thank you. I would love to have time to do that more! Since the birth of our twins almost 2 years ago now, my life has gone from living in the fast lane to warp speed! I usually only get small bits of time to sit and reflect, but would love more! I know those days are coming and I will be thankful for how God has blessed me now! Thank you again! I loved reading about your reflections! I'm excited to hear more about your new journey!


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