Friday, August 6, 2010

All New-Fitness Friday!

I have focused a bit on food for the first month of my blog and I will continue to do so, although not at the pace I would like. Since I am EveryONEfitnessandfood I would like to add the fitness part to this blog as well. So, let's begin with Fitness Fridays; here is the first installment! As a side note, I hope to add video demo's in the near *fingers crossed* future!

I am currently gym shopping which is a difficult task as I have been in a few different gyms in my life. I am also a trainer in training so I'm a little picky right now as to what I want my gym to look like, so in the interim I am working out at home. I have a pretty good set-up in my basement which consists of a treadmill, an old but functional elliptical and a WIDE variety of free weights, but I also have me, myself and I which in the simplest way is really all one needs, right?! Not everyone has access to a gym nor the means in their budget to afford even the most affordable of gyms. I must note that the Y has a sliding scale rate system where you can apply for a lower rate, there are Y's everywhere and with the sliding scale just about everyone has the ability to join. With that being said there are MANY things you can do at home to get that sweet sweat flowing and engage those muscles!

When I got up this morning I wanted to go down in the basement to get in a good mix of strength training and cardio. I was itching for a full body workout but my son, who has been sleeping in the basement this summer, was down there. So, I began to think, "What does one do when a gym is not available to them?" I began brainstorming and thought I would mix it up upstairs with a few pieces of "equipment."

I did everything in a 10'x5' area on the first floor of my home.

The Warm-up:
  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 30 "Jump Ropes" (pretend to jump rope using a single hop or double hop or a combo of each)
  • 30 High Knees
  • 30 Butt Kicks (like quickly running in place, heels "kick" your butt)
The Workout:
I found some video demo's online. I recommend watching the demo's first so you know what to do and how to do it properly :)
Perform each move with little to no rest in between. This keeps your heart rate up wile working various and opposing muscle groups.
The Cool Down and Stretch (Hold each stretch for a min of 15 up to 30 sec.)
DONE! All warmed up, worked out and stretched out right in your own home using what you have!
Please get permission and clearance from your Doctor before beginning any exercise program!
Email me if you have any questions!

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  1. AWESOME!! I love workouts like this! I love them for me, but also because my kids can do them too! Even our 21 month old twins like to do their own version of the exercises!! (funny to see!)


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