Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Artificial-A Tale of Three Dressings!

Bolthouse Caesar Parmigiano
Serving Size-2T
80 calories
6.5 grams of fat
First ingredient...yogurt.
More than half the calories of Maries and 3x less fat!
If you're going to use bottled dressing this is a winner.
*I use this as a mayo substitute in tuna salad. Delish! I also add dill pickles, tomato, onion and celery for some crunch and a boost of veggies. Served on toasted Ezekiel bread with some romaine or spinach and you have one healthy meal.

The BAD 
Marie's All Natural Caesar
Serving Size-2T
170 calories
19 grams of fat
First ingredient...soybean oil.
All natural....HIGH in fat and calories!

Wishbone Light Creamy Caesar
Serving Size-2T
50 calories
2 grams of fat
First ingredient...water and then corn syrup.

The first instinct is to go for that "light" dressing but let me tell you A) It tastes awful B) It has a bunch of garbage in it. There are things added to give it the feel and texture of creamy. It's a fake, a wanna be, a manufactured impostor...Yuck!


  1. Love the Bolthouse. Great taste and non guilt!

  2. Agreed! I bought this for my son who LOVES ranch dressing and he likes it even better! Thank you Bolthouse!


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