Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chicken, Edamame Salad and Sweet Potato

I eat pretty simply...tonight is a classic example. But isn't that what we look for? Simplicity?
The chicken could be made many ways but when I got home tonight, I was lucky to get dinner on :)

*Side Note: I need to start pulling some other dishes to take pictures on. I went to Goodwill and picked up 7 new plates to present on...gotta use 'em :)

On the menu:
Edamame Salad
3-4oz boneless, skinless chicken thigh-fat trimmed
Sweet potato
My family did not have sweet potatoes. They had sauteed potatoes and onion. 
  • Edamame Salad...this is from an earlier post so just click on it for the recipe. I do not have quinoa in mine for this round and I topped it with a tiny amount of feta cheese...Yum!
  • Sweet potato...I eat it plain. You can steam sweet potatoes and then mash them in a bit of broth of your choice to add variety. I know a lot of people can't eat sweet potatoes with out butter, brown sugar and maybe marshmallows but this is where NEW THINKING comes in. I LOVE sweet potatoes now, but I didn't always love them. I do now because I know that they are good for me, full of vitamins and minerals that my body needs. I cherish the natural state in which they are intended to be consumed in. When we can wrap our heads around the PURPOSE of food then we view food in an entirely different way.
  • Boneless, skinless chicken thigh. A friend of mine introduced me to chicken thighs and I'm so glad that she did. For years we are told to stay away from dark meats...and for the most part we should :) but chicken breast gets old after a while and my family really likes this. What is helpful here is that they are boneless and skinless (skin=lots of saturated fat).  In addition, I was buying turkey brats and turkey sausage thinking I was doing good. While it's a good alternative to regular brats and sausage I compared labels with the boneless, skinless thighs and the thighs came out the winner...Click here to compare :)
  • Thighs....I trimmed some of the excess fat off and then I sprinkled some garlic powder, thyme, salt and pepper. Then I grilled it for 10-15 minutes. So good and tender!
    • You can add lemon or lime juice, soy sauce and ginger or chili powder and cumin or how about really stepping out with some curry! I love curry and need to share more of that with you too! A splash or two of white wine is a great addition to any of the above as a marinade too.
  • Sauteed potatoes and onion.  
    • 3 leftover baked potatoes from a previous meal. I cut those into chunks 
    • 1 large vidalia onion, sliced (but add what YOU have on hand and what works for YOUR family...be creative:)
    •  Place that in a hot pan with 1/8 (2T) Olive oil. 
    • Sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. 
    • Add 1-2 pats of butter (optional).
      Saute' til beautifully crisp
      Serves 3-4 people  
If you have any questions...e-me :)

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