Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breakfast that's Faster than Fast Food

It seems fast! You're rushing in the morning to get out the door. Whether it's for work, getting the kids to school or making it to a meeting the idea of "running in" or "driving through" to grab something to eat is tempting but in reality, if you're trying to save time you're most likely not. I literally made this in less than 5 minutes and to make more than just one would take a minute or two longer each. 
  •  Crack an egg (and an egg white or two if you'd like).
  • Let it cook on one side (2minutes)
    *While this side is cooking, put a couple slices of whole grain bread, I used my Ezekiel bread, in the toaster* 
  • Flip
  • Cook (tap the yolk so it's not runny and can cook too) 
  • Put a slice of your fav cheese on top to melt and some spinach UNDER the egg so it can wilt
  • Once the toast is toasted the egg, spinach & cheese  should be ready
  • Place the spinach, egg and cheese right on top of the bread and Whala! DONE and ENJOY!
How easy and INEXPENSIVE is that?! And's SO good, much tastier than those fast food chains (you know who I'm talkin' about!) for sure and a lot faster and cheaper then a place like Panera. I really like Panera by the way, but I'd rather save time and money by staying home and making it myself. 

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