Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweetness 5k Run 2012

Every year at One on One Fitness we offer Trail Club. This group of individuals trains for 8 weeks to work their way up to a 5k (3.1 miles). This year we started with a group of 14 people who committed to train for the annual Walter Payton Sweetness Run which raises money for the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation.
This group was dedicated to coming to trail club twice a week and training one day on their own. I had walkers, walker/runners and runners. In the end most of them showed up for race day and got it done! I'm super proud of them! 

Cathy's FIRST 5k,  Jason's 2nd!
 Penny (Who BTW placed 2nd in her age group and got an award)!
and Cat getting ready to start
Wes with his grandfather Tom who at the age of 62 still runs marathons! There's inspiration right there!!! Grandson Wes is a marathoner in the making.

 Hard working Meg was there for her 2nd 5k!

 Beka's FIRST 5k!
 Rebecca's always good for some laughs! Can ya tell? Lol!

Rebecca with her son Conner who plays football an placed 34 (Payton's #) overall
AND won 1st in his age group! Way to go Conner!!!

Cathy and Jason getting ready and smiling the whole time!
 Way to go Beka! Even though she had been fighting a cold earlier in
the week she showed up and gave it her BEST!
 Rebecca's FIRST 5k! Her daughter ran the last 50 yards with her!
That was awesome!
 Here comes Cat! Great job on your FIRST 5k girl!
 Cathy BROUGHT it! Look at her FLY in! She ran more than
she thought she would and finished STRONG!

You never know what you can
do until you do it.
Make today count...they did!
Post Race Trail Club Crew
From Left:
Rebecca, Cat, Jason, Beka, me (in back), Cathy, Penny and Wes (back) and Tom.

We were unable to get pictures of everyone coming in but needless to say I am more than proud of what these guys accomplished today! I'll end with my favorite quote...

"Dead last finish is greater than did not finish which greatly trumps did not start! "